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January 28, 2011

Hair of a different color.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a serial, hair-color changer.  And here I sit again, waiting for the color in my hair to set.  I need help, I know.  I'm seeking "hair coloring anonymous" groups, but there doesn't seem to be any.  Today's color;  Chocolate Truffle -  which apparently is a medium auburn brown color.

When I moved to Washington state from Louisiana when I was ten, I watched my hair go from a golden honey blond.
Mom and me in 1980 which is a year or two after moving to La.

To a very mousy brown, in about a year later.

This is me a year after living in Wa.  And obviously before braces.  And mullets were in style.  Ack!  Now that's keepin' it real.
So, for the next five or six years, I was a devout "toe-head".

I'm fifteen and only have about a year left to be a blond.  And one-eyed.

Hiding my braces here.  This is the tail end of teenage, blond Marisa.
I then decided to get back to my darker days.
Me and the older.  Tye-dye and polka dots.  What the hell was I thinking.

This is when I went through my "I'm not wearing makeup anymore" phase.  Glad I came out of that one.  This was also when I started to lose teeth in my sleep.

For the next almost two decades, I switched back and forth from blond to brown, with various shades of red thrown in for shits n' gigs.

Do you remember when wearing leggings with scrunchy socks and sandals were in style.  Yeah, me neither.

Then for my wedding a year and a half ago, I asked my mister if he wanted to marry a blond, red head or brunette.  Of course he chose blond.
My Favorite of our wedding photos.

Yes, that is an orange hair-tie around my wrist.  Classy, right?
Well, last summer, I got a wild hair up my rear and decided to throw some alternative colors in my hair.  And my lovelies opted to jump on the band wagon.
The younger with green tips.  This was a practice run for what was coming.
This kid is bring back the sixties.
My younger and me with our colors.
My older rockin' the pink.
There you have it folks.  The life and times of my hair color bringing us all the way up to today.  Where I've just washed the dye outta my hair and made myself ready for the worst self portrait I've ever taken.

I'm not sure what's going on with my eye being half shut.  Maybe I'll have someone else take the picture next time.

So remember, keep it real, except your hair.

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