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April 22, 2011

Do something earthy today.

Today is Earth Day.
Today is a day to make our planet beautiful.
Without beautiful, oxygen giving trees like this one, my yard would be ugly and my lungs would be dirty.

What are you doing to celebrate?

Keep our rivers and streams clean so that my kids can keep drinking safe water.

If you need help picking an Earth Day activity, here's some ideas.

♥Plant a tree.  I just don't know which tree I want to get.

♥Pick up garbage around your neighborhood.  This is one of the activities I will be doing.  We try to do it in our neighborhood a few times a year.  Our whole neighborhood kind of pitches in.

♥Start a compost bin.

♥Pick up the recycling habit, if you haven't already.

♥Start a garden and grow your own fruits and veggies, pesticide free.  I've tried this, I suck at growing veggies and fruits, plus my cats use my garden beds as litter boxes and that's not the kind of fertilizer I wanna use.  I'm looking into joining or starting a local co-op veggie garden.

♥Switch out all, or even half of your light bulbs to energy efficient ones. 

♥Carpool, ride a bike or take the bus to work if you can.  This is what The Mister does.  Everyday.  Side note:  I don't ride bikes.  Not unless they have motors on them.  I'd rather walk ten miles, than ride a bike down my driveway.  I'd get there faster too.

These are just a few ideas, if you need more, go here.  You can find tons of ideas on how to do your part to help keep our planet green and beautiful!

Happy Earth Day!
Now go hug a tree!


  1. I like this post....I hope someone listens. Love the photos too.

  2. My husband and I got married 16 years ago this earth day. We celebrated by hiking through the woods and appriciating the world around us.

    Great post.


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