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April 25, 2011

Monday Morning Montage.

Saturday was such a beautiful, sunny day here in the Northwest.  Giving me an opportunity to snap a few pictures of my sweet little winged friends.

This is Chip.  He's a sweet little chickadee that has formed a friendship with me and has almost landed on my hand a few times.
After eating all the fatty seed, little Chip is a bit thirsty and partakes in a bit of hummer juice.  Theo is nice enough to share with him.
What a little pig face.  I have a zillion pictures just like this one, and I'll probably take a zillion more by next week.
Here is the best shot I've gotten so far of Rudy.  Rudy is my newest hummer.  He's a Rufus Hummingbird and he is slowly getting used to me.  Theo does not like Rudy.  The two fight over seven feeders.
There's my Monday morning montage, I hope you enjoyed it and your day.

PS.  Starting week two of my six day low carb, one day splurge, diet and I'm happy to say that after week one, I'm down 2 1/2 lbs.  Go me!!

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  1. I can't hold my camera steady enough to get this kind of shot so really enjoy yours....and good for you on your diet. Love you, grams


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