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March 28, 2011

Poker Birthday.

I had an exciting weekend, filled with lots of friends and good fun.  Friday night, was just a quiet night with a few friends, a pool table and a pinball wizard.  That would be me, with seven free games.  OH YA!

Unfortunately, I have NO pictures of this night, due to the fact that I left my camera at home.  Boo!

Saturday night on the other hand. WOO! 

My dear friend Jessica, was having a birthday/poker night.  The last one rocked, this one was equally as rockin'.  I lost, both games, twenty dollars, down the hole.  No worries though, I would have paid twice that to hang out with these people.

There's my birthday love, right there.
That's Dawn on the right.  She was our resident poker expert.  That's Matthew on the left.  He was a resident poker game winner.  He won both games.  I don't like him anymore.
The closest I came to the winnings.
This lady is quite the card shark.
Get yer chips here.
And draw to see who deals first.
Shuffle up and deal.
The Flop.  And my conclusion to my artistic approach.
A fabulous time was had by all, except one little incident, but it wouldn't be fun without any incidents, right?  Our birthday girl did have a lot of fun and ended up retiring early to her bedroom.  After the second poker game was over, her husband and a couple friends, decided it was time to wake her up.  Mosh pit style.

Troy and Dave gearing up for a full on body slam.

I'd help her, but who would take pictures?!

Oh my poor, poor Jessica.
Over the course of the weekend, I was able to acquire eight full hours of sleep.  Woo!  I would have given that up just to have this time with my wonderful friends.  I feel truly blessed to have such an awesomely diverse bunch of clowns in my life.  I only wish that everyone could have the same.

Have a happy Monday, everyone!!

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