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March 22, 2011

Little Tiny Baby Kitty.

That's what The Mister called our youngest and smallest kitty, that is, until she became a Little Giant Baby Huey Kitty.  I can't help it, I'm good at feeding things.

This is right after she came to live with us, almost a year ago.

She was a catnip addict when we got her.  That hasn't changed.
She came to us, after my older separated from her, now ex-husband, and they had two cats.  Well he took the boy cat and the Older wanted to take little Dorothy here, but where she was moving to, they wouldn't let her.

MOMMMY!!!  Yep, that's what they call me when they have a favor.  We took her and haven't regretted it yet.

She is the smallest cat I've ever owned.  She's permanently kitty size.

I look at this and think.  How tiny is that little catnip addicted kitty?!
We've had her for almost a year now, and the only way she has grown, is in the belly and face.  I look at the picture above and think, "what an anorexic kitty".  When she came to us, she was 7 lbs.  "Perfect" says the vet.  She is now an 11 lb. cat.  "Perfect"  says the me.

She doesn't even mind when Mr. Invader gives her a sniff over.

Rarest picture in my house.  They all haven't been this close to each other since this picture was taken.
She gets along with the big cat, not so much with the Queen.  Although she does do her best to piss off the Queen, whenever possible.  The Queen doesn't like the other peasants too much.  They're just lucky she allows them to enter her castle.

Size wise, she pales in comparison to the giant.
But that doesn't stop her from taking him on for a little playtime.
I'm so glad that we have this little rascal.  But I have banned my children from getting anymore animals.  Ever.  And they better listen, because we now have three cats and a dog, and a part-time dog.  And I feed every bird in our neighborhood, and the squirrels, there's three of them now.  And of course my  beloved Theo.
This is when her belly and face started to fill out.  She hit puberty I think.
Licking her chops, looking like a pork chop.
Be afraid.  Oh wait.  Never mind.
Baby Huey girl.
And that's our little princess, she's pretty mad at me, because I've put her on a diet.  She needs it.  Just to lose a pound or two.  I mean, look at her roundness.  I know, I love it too.

Hope your day is as sweet as this kitty.

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