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March 15, 2011

But you can call me, The Anti-Seamstress.

This week my younger is starting a blog of her own, about cupcakes.  She is making a different recipe every couple of days, with me taking pictures, then she will then review her own skills in blog form.  I have no doubt, that she will do well since she seems to have a knack for baking.  A pastry chef is what she seeks to be, and she seeks to be a self taught one at that.  Business school is the only schooling she wants to do, besides a few decorating classes at our local craft supply store, and to help kick off her adventure, I decided to make her an apron. 

Yes me, stop laughing.

Some of you may remember me talking about making her an apron a few months ago.

What?!  Oh I thought you said something.

Did I mention I have a procrastination problem.  I need help.

We went and got the last minute supplies to start everything today, which meant that I better finish the apron I started three days ago.  Since I have no business using a sewing machine, I figured that I should just do it all by hand, and I better not use her favorite material, because I may screw it up.  It's totally possible.

What?!  Oh I thought you said something again.

This is what her "Professional" apron, will be made out of.
This is the material I'm making her "trail run" apron out of.  Green tye-dye, you can't go wrong.
Complete with cupcake.
Yeah, I can make a simple whip-stitch look like it was done by Freddy Kruger.
And I can't sew a straight, tight line to save my life.
But once it's finished, it won't look so bad.  From a distance.  Covered in flour.
And let's face it.  This kid could make a burlap sack apron look adorable.
Sew, wish me luck that I get it finished by Noon, that it doesn't fall apart when she puts it on and the rhinestones are firmly in place, so they don't fall in the cupcake batter.  Just joking, kind of.  I'll post the link for The Younger's cupcake blog, when I get the "go ahead" from her.

More pics of Louisiana to come, I promise.
Enjoy your day!

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  1. love your has more heart and sole than an R`n B singer. I'm looking forward to your "youngers" blog, as I do yours. Love you, Grams


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