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March 14, 2011

Picture us in New Orleans

You'll have to use your imagination though, since I was unable to procure one single picture of me and The Mister, together, in New Orleans.  I don't know why, I guess I forgot, or maybe it was the endless supply of the deadly hand grenade, New Orleans strongest drink.  But I was able to procure a lot of other pictures.  I will apologize in advance, for my untalent of taking night photos.  I've put the camera on the night setting, I've even tried adjusting the arpeture and shutter speed myself, but have yet to master the night photo.  You'll understand what I mean, trust me.  This will probably be a two parter, just because I have a lot of picture.


Here is our view from the room, at night.
The Mister, in our room. 
Me in the bathroom mirror, and in the other bathroom mirror, and in the other...well you get it.
Even in a southern state, where manners are key.  The Mister just can't flip the lid the other way.

Apparently indoor pictures aren't exactly my forte' either.  I swear, there are good pictures in this batch.

The emptiest you will see these streets all day.  But this is 10 am.
The gas lights are everywhere and they're beautiful.
Little birdie on the sidewalk.  These guys eat fat this weekend.
NOLA birds.
I can't help myself, I see birds, I want to take pictures of them.

At night they shine a light on this beautiful statue and it makes a giant shadow.
So many beautiful churches here.
Jackson Square was closed to tourists.  Can't say I blame them, after seeing the destruction they cause.
Have I mentioned the beautiful architecture here?
I wish I wouldn't have had the "I'm from Washington, we don't use umbrellas" mentality.  It was raining much of our exploring day and I didn't get near as many architectural shots as I wanted, simply because I didn't want to get my camera wet.  Color me disappointed.

The Mississippi is a busy river.
What you could see of the Nachez from our window.
The Courthouse.  Luckily we never saw the inside of this.
Panoramic view from our window.  Don't mind the fog spot, I forgot to hold my breath.  Sorry.
I wish I would have taken a thousand more pictures, but our first night there, someone ran into me and knocked my phone out of my hand.  It dropped into three pieces;  the phone, the battery and the battery cover.  The phone and cover landed on the streets, but the battery landed on the teetering edge of the sewer grate.  I managed to rescue all components unscathed, but I wasn't about to take any chances with my camera.  It's my baby, and I wouldn't have brought my baby into that free-for-all.

Old abandoned barn in Lafitte.
This house is huge and abandoned.
I want it.
I could make it pretty.  I would name her Tara.  Jo.  Bob.
Sun glares can sometimes be an enemy of mine too.

I could live right there.
That beautiful building looked abandoned too.
Coming back into NOLA.
The sunset we got to see from the Mississippi Bridge.
I will stop here for today and that will give me a chance to upload the last of my pictures from my phone and finish editing the ones that are worthy enough to pass on.

Take care and have a wonderful Monday!

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