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March 16, 2011

And I visited a cemetery or two.

So I promised more NOLA pictures and I'm here to deliver.  Here's an assortment of shots I took of three different cemeteries from three different excursions.

This is while we were out on our swamp tour.
We were told it was a family cemetery.
That was recently renovated, due to damage from Katrina.
I wish I could remember the name of the family that this cemetery belonged to.  I could probably look it up, but that would take me away from you.
I loved this cemetery.

So many things to learn.
Like, I learned about oven vaults.
And I learned about the people there.
And the history of it.
You can see how old some of these vaults are.
And you can tell how many of the tombstones have been put back together.
This tiny little vault was special to me.
Such beautiful stone.
Some vaults just couldn't handle Katrina.
He's lucky I didn't leave him there.

I don't know what was inside these vaults, but I wasn't gonna check.

It's big enough for me and my siblings.

But this is more my style.
Marie Laveau.  Voodoo Priestess, devout catholic, nurse and healer. 

She could make a wicked love potion too.

It's customary to leave a token, knock three times

Or mark three X's, when wishing to the Priestess'.
The resting place of Soldiers.

This is the cemetery that was in the movie Easy Rider.  They didn't have permission to shoot there and Catholic audience members were shocked that the church had allowed it. Since then no other films have been allowed to shoot at St. Louis #1, unless it's a documentary and you have permission.

That cemetery filled me with so much emotion and history.  It was a tragically beautiful place to experience.

We stumbled upon this cemetery while driving to the airport.

It seemed a little newer.

But the older one was on the other side of the road.

Unfortunately heavy rain kept me from getting out and snapping some pictures.

So there you have my cemetery tour, I hope you enjoyed it half as much as I did.

Be good and have a great day!

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