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February 8, 2011

Wow, I never actually thought I'd make it to fifty.

Yesterday marked my fiftieth blog entry.  I didn't even really notice it until I went to write today's and saw that I had fifty of them already.  Now some of you may think, big deal and you would have a point, but when I started this thing months ago, I was only doing, maybe, one to two blogs a month.  A month!  Now, I'm able to get on here and do an entry almost daily.  Me, the one who loses interest in every thing I start, just ask my half painted walls, has not only started a project, but I've gradually improved my skills in doing it.  Could it be, am I maybe growing up some?  No, that can't be it, I was just out playing in the rain like a little kid yesterday.  It must be because I enjoy doing this so much, that I find myself actually writing things down that can be used for future entries. 

Future entries?  Did I just say that?

That would mean that I'm now planning ahead.  Oh jeez, what next?  Am I now going to get a filing cabinet and start organizing the thirty-seven stacks of papers within my reach?  Maybe, rearrange my cupboards so that dishes are closer together, rather than at opposite ends of the kitchen?  Holy crap, now I just might have to go through the three hundred plus DVD's that we have and alphabetize them.  Should I, with my new found dedication, finally get the basement finished by St. Patrick's day?

Probably not.

No, it just means that I have taken a real liking to this.  Even if no one ever reads it, besides my Grams.  Hi Grams.  I like hearing what I have to say and I feel a little less crazy, writing it down, rather than muttering it to myself in the middle of crowded places.  Just joking......kind of.  And I think it shows my kids that it's never too late to find something you love doing and running with it.

Well the real world is calling my name and tapping her foot.

Hope y'all stick around for the next fifty...


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  1. I think you need to post a few on FB and see what happens. How many of your friends know you do this? Send them the link then sit back and watch your counter go up and your followers increase. Even it nothing happens, just getting it off your chest does wonders. Hugs


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