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February 21, 2011

Come on Spring. Spring already.

Okay, I know that it's only February, and  technically spring doesn't even start for another month or so, but I'm impatient.  Have I ever told you that?  I'm not just impatient, but I'm cold.  Everyday.  All day.  My pellet stove would like a rest, she's been running damn near steady for the last 5 months.  I see the sunshine outside and think "ohhhhh, lets go play in it", then I get out there and It's cold enough to run me back in the house within a few minutes.  Now don't get me wrong, it's not like 20 below or anything, but I am a cold-blooded wuss, who requires at least 50* to be comfortable and not whiny.  Yes, I do, at times, whine.  It happens.  I'm a girl.  I'm emotionally tough, not physically.  Well, I can move a couch by myself, so I guess I'm tough like that.  But, okay fine, I'm just a cold weather whimp. 
I have no idea what this little bush is, but I love the dainty little flowers on it.

What do you expect, I was born in Arizona and spent five years of early childhood in Louisiana.  Those were my impressionable years, even with weather.  I know, you think I should be used to Washington weather.  I am, mostly.  I don't mind the rain and have even developed a deep love for it, and it's not unusual for it to rain nine months a year around here.  But, it's been colder the last few years than before.  It has, I swear.
Spring is trying to move in.  My little primroses want to wake up.

I don't even know how people survive in the midwest and east coast, with their yearly, enormous amounts of snow and record low temps.  My sis, Nessa, lives over in Maine and is constantly telling me about the weather over there.  No thank you.  And I have Aunts, Uncles and Cousins in Alaska.  Are they crazy?  Don't they know how cold it gets there. 

That's it!  I've decided.  I will have to be a snowbird. 
This poor lil' guy made it through a freeze and a downpour of rain.

Amidst all my whining, I have managed to find signs that spring, is in fact, coming.  And I guess I will just have to keep my coats, sweaters and furry boots out for a little longer.  Continue to stare at a half empty lake and just dream of 70* days for a few more months.  As long as the flowers keep blooming, I'll know it's getting there.
My tulips.  They want warmth too.
Okay, well I'm going to go put on a couple layer of clothes, and venture out into the 28* morning for a coffee and chat with a lovely lady.
Hope you all stay warm today.

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  1. We had 76 degrees yesterday and I couldn't stay inside. It was bliss. They say..those evil weathermen...that more nasty cold is coming. Booo.


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