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January 26, 2011

More things I've learned

Here are some more things that I've recently thought of to add to my list of "things I've learned"  or even "things I have accepted because they aren't going to change".

When the most amazing picture opportunity comes along, my batteries will be dead.  This happens at least once a week.  I try to keep reserves handy, but I have a household of battery hoarders.

It doesn't matter how well and accurate my grocery list is, I will either forget it at home or forget that it's in my purse.

No matter how old my children are, they will always need their Mommy.  My older tried like mad to get her taxes done and ended up calling me for help.  It's good to feel needed, by your independent children, who have moved out of your house.

My older needs patience training.  So does My Mister.  So do I.  And we need it now.  Right now.  The younger on the other hand is the picture of patience.  Well, most of the time.  When it comes to her hair and makeup, she's still a sixteen year old girl.

After babysitting my baby nephew for a few days, I've learned that I love the old playpens.  You know, the ones from twenty years ago.  This new pack and play thing that my sister brought over is absolutely nonsensical...And I like nonsensical things.  It's been 15 years since I've had to use one of these things and this one looked nothing like the one I had.  At first I thought, ohh that's nice.  Ha, couldn't be more wrong.  I have had to try to set this thing up for 5 days now and  everyday it proves to be a challenge.  I especially doesn't help when I have to pack it up, while running late.  Which brings me to the next thing I've come to accept.

I'm always running at least 15 minutes behind.  And that's on a smooth running day.  Imagine how far behind I run on a day when I have to pack up, a pack and play.  People say it an inherited trait, I just think it easier to run behind than to stress out, leave and forget everything, but that's my cop out. 

I will be known as the girl who'll do anything for a laugh.  I wear this proudly.  I learned a long time ago, that making a joke out of scary situations is sometimes inappropriate, but most of the time, it can really make things better, lighter.  A random act of quirkiness in an awkward or tense situation, could just be the smile on someones face, that desperately needs one.  I try everyday to do at least ten completely random things to those I love, just to get them to smile.  I think we should all try to laugh and smile as much as we did when we were kids.  It doesn't mean that you have to become immature like me, but let loose of yourself enough to find laughter and smiles in simpler things.  So many times we let ourselves get so caught up in preoccupation that we forget to smile about the little things.

Like the yawn of a baby

My gorgeous nephew.  Wish my phone took better pictures.

Or a flower.

And have a wonderful day!

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