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January 27, 2011

3....2...1... Action

Thanks to a beautiful day yesterday, I was able to get outside and play around with the dogs, do some desperately needed driveway, pothole patching.  Not only did the dogs and I get some intense exercise, but I also was able to snap a few shots along the way.

Look at me go.  I'm as fast as that girl dog.

No you're not.  Who's ahead now?

That was exhausting.  Now I must roll around in the grass to cool off.

After the dogs ran out of energy, this lil' guy showed up.

And then later, here's this guy.  I didn't know he was a fan of red, sugar water, but here he is.

Sorry about the photo quality of that last shot, it was taken through the window and that window needs a cleanin'.  Also, if I would have tried to open the window or go outside to snap this shot, poor Merle would've probably dropped to the ground and sped off into the bush.  Having two dogs and three cats, he's grown a bit sketchy to sudden noises and movements.

Today, I get to babysit my baby nephew.  Hopefully he's feeling better, so that I can a take a thousand pictures of him.  Speaking of nephew, I must go pick him up, so with that I bid you farewell for now.

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  1. I stumbled on your blog via flickr and I loved your caption,
    'Random ramblings of an over-active mind, with an under-active mindset.' :)



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