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January 24, 2011

Monday has new least for now.

Dear, anyone reading this.

I'm down to a week before surgery and I am gladly accepting all forms of sedatives to get me through this, anything from Valium to a rubber mallet against the back of my head will do.

Totally off subject, but does anyone know where to get Chloroform???

Drama Queen.
Haha, I'm really not this dramatic.  No really.  But, I'm am this nervous and joking about it seems to keep me from bursting into tears every time I do think about it.  This week I will spend many hours preparing my house and family for a week with mom in pain and slightly overdosed on pain meds.  I asked my younger to take a picture of me everyday while I'm down, so that I can later torture myself with visual flashbacks of the event, since I plan to do my best to, not be conscience enough to actually remember any of it.  It all sounds like a great plan, in theory.  Hopefully, it will be this easy.
Also, on a side note.  Let me just say that I have the most fantastic support system ever.   My Mister, my darling daughters, my parents and sibs, not to mention all my friends that I love so dearly, thank you for helping me face my fears and take these big steps forward to improve the quality of my life.  I will always, always appreciate it deeply.

With that said, I'm tearing up now, so I'm going to go clean something.

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