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November 30, 2010

Our future leaders are being held back by a garden hose and a cell phone.

   Here's a little story The Mister enlightened me with:

     So last week, my Mister was working at a local community college, he's a plumber, and he needed to run a test on the pipes to make sure there were no leaks in the new building.  This require him to use a garden hose to fill the pipes with water pressure to  see if all joint are sealed properly.   In order to perform this test, he had to run a garden hose into his building from another building just 25 feet away, but the garden hose would run over a heavily used walkway.

     Here's where the story gets amusing.  He was ordered by the Superintendent on the job, that if he was going to run a garden hose across the walkway, he would have to put a flagger out to make sure the kids wouldn't trip. *Keep in mind these kids graduated high school and are now planning a career that requires at least some college education.* "Trip" he says, "it's a garden hose", not understanding how it would affect his next twenty minutes he proceeded to run the hose across the walkway, leaving it unmanned and free to wreak havoc on the unsuspecting students with cell phones in their hands, feverishly texting and walking, trying to make it to their next class.

     Five minutes after running the garden hose across the path, the super came in to question him as to why 3 people have just tripped over an unmanned garden hose.

  "Unmanned garden hose" I lost it here. I was laughing so hard.

      So, needless to say, The Mister had his apprentice run water for the test, while he himself, went out to be the "garden hose flagger".   I would have loved to have seen that.  My love, with little orange vest and tiny little stop sign.

     Even standing next to the hose, with a bright orange and yellow vest on, holding a red stop sign, he witnessed at least seven people trip up on the garden hose, because their eyes were on their fingers, which were on their phones.   He was amazed at how the future of our very existence, couldn't even manage to successfully maneuver a garden hose without incident. 

Good luck to us all!

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