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October 29, 2010


     Yesterday,  my older went in to take her drive test for her license.  And guess what......she PASSED!  Yes, I'm doing the happy dance right now as we speak.  Not to mention, I promised her zebra print car seat covers if she passed, so I am also shopping for those.  So now, I get to officially hang up my chauffeur hat with her and put on another worry hat.  I already wear one, but I think I need another one, to get over the first few months, or until I know she's a strong driver and not a speeder like her mom.  Now it's time to get the younger in there to get her permit.  You see, with the older, she's waited so long because she has had this fear of fiery crashes that kept her from getting her license sooner.  The younger, on the other hand, has wanted to drive since she was two.  Yeah, she's going to be my Ricky 'I wanna go fast' Bobby.   I am also now trying to shop for maybe a cheaper car insurance, since were switching to a family plan, gotta see if were getting the most coverage for our bucks.

     In other parts of life, The Mister is back to his grumpy ol' self, must be his PMS time, which is okay because mine will be here soon enough.  Although, I really can't wait until he's ungrumpy.  Oh well, at least he can come home and take his stress out on the XBox 360 and I can sit in our couch or in our room, and try to complete the never ending afghan I started four years ago.  It's huge.  It's, so far, ten feet wide and when I'm done it will be 10 feet long.  The Mister is 6'5" and wanted an afghan that was big enough to be a bedspread and I, of course, like a dumbass I said, that would be easy.  Yeah right!  Did I mention I started it four years ago?  Right now, it's only about a foot and a half long.  Did I mention it's supposed to be ten feet long?  I figure by this speed, he should get it for our 25th wedding anniversary.  Ugh!

     P.S.  I have made very little progress on my basement, but I am still very determined to get it done. Again. Yeah right!

Until next time.

My neverending afghan.

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