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October 27, 2010

My Brother

     Yesterday, the jury came back with the verdict, regarding the shooter in my brothers case.  One count of 1st degree Murder - guilty.  That was for shooting my brothers friend, who sadly died that night.  One count of 1st degree Attempted Murder - guilty.  That was for my shooting my brother twice, who luckily recovered, but will never have full use of his left arm again.  One count of Assault with a deadly weapon - guilty.  Also for my brother.  And, two counts of felony possession of a firearm - guilty, since he was already on probation for a felony assault charge from before.  Sentencing will be in about a month or so, it will hopefully give my brother and family the closure they need to finally move on from this.

    I can't help but feel bad for that kid's family knowing he's facing 40-50 years in prison.  I can't understand all the senselessness that led up to the very moment when my brother and his friend were shot.  The shooter and his partner, who is currently serving 16 years for his part, were invited to a party that my brother and friend were at.  When the owner of the house came back and saw the shooter and partner there, she wanted them to leave, because of past problems.  The shooter and partner didn't want to and my brother and a few others took it upon themselves to make them leave by force, not the best way to handle it, by any means, I know.  The two then went home a couple blocks away and returned to the party with a shotgun loaded with buckshot.  When they arrived, my brothers friend was outside smoking a cigarette, the two approached him and began to beat him, my brother caught a glance of this out the window and started for the door, alerting the others at the party, the two were back and beating his friend.  By the time my brother reached the door the shooter had already shot him at point blank range and shot my brother when he ran out to help him.  My brother then turned around and the shooter shot him again, leaving several pieces of buckshot in his left shoulder, arm and hand, shattering bones in his wrist, hand and forearm.  A few of the pieces came within centimeters of puncturing his lungs and major arteries.  My brother was in the hospital for three days and in physical therapy for a year and will still never have full use of his arm.

     Since then, my brother became addicted to oxycotin and came very close to throwing his lucky and blessed ass away.  Don't get me wrong, I know what he went through was a horrible and painful experience, but I also know my brother and know that he is used to taking the easy way and throwing caution and common sense to the wind.  Besides, I've been the same way before, so it's pretty easy to recognize the characteristics, not with drugs, but with other things you'll learn about later on.  Back to my point:  There have been so many others in life that have overcome so much worse in life and have come through it with better results.  This may make me sound heartless, but I think it also makes me sound realistic.  Luckily though,  for everyone involved, it was a short lived addiction.  My family has a way of not letting ourselves and each other get away with destructive habits for very long.  My brother spent 8 days in detox and hasn't looked back since.  I am understating myself when I say I'm very proud of him.  He is now a painter, and although I still don't always think he truly appreciates the gift of a second chance at life, I know that the rest of us do threefold.



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