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October 2, 2010


     Today I decided to write about something that I know all tooo well about.  That's right, procrastination.  It's a dirty, evil little bug that crawls up into the motivational lobe of your brain and builds a cozy little house, that will keep him sustained, until you finally serve him eviction papers.  He will spend his days lazing about the house, watching movies with kids instead of doing the dishes, folding laundry or running errands.  While most good housewives are cleaning their basements, here I sit talking about the subject that's keeping me from cleaning my basement.  Or, at the very least, doing the dishes, folding the laundry and running my errands.  No, instead, I spent the morning watching The Fourth Kind with the younger and writing what you're, if there even is a you're, reading.  Of course now, I have to go pick up the older from work, hopefully run by the store and grab a few things, take both youngsters to a birthday celebration, that I managed to conveniently avoid being invited to, then come home and try to clean the impossible clean before I'm supposed to go to the birthday bash that I was not lucky enough to not get invited to.  It's not that I don't like this person either, or the people that I will get to see tonight.  And, I even know that once I get out and start talking, I'll actually enjoy myself.  Hopefully the Red Bull that I intend to purchase and drink in 20 minutes will give me the motivational bug killer to evict the procrastination bug right out of his house...........Until tomorrow......or the day after that, you know how procrastination can be.

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