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October 3, 2010

Old Friends

     Thanks to the modern technological magic of Facebook, getting in touch with your old high school friends and enemies is just a name and click away.  You can catch up with the girl that you hated moving away from when you were a kid, see how some of your friends who have moved away from your are doing, or you can secretly laugh at the prettiest, most popular girl, that teased you relentlessly, hasn't aged nearly as gracefully as you.  That's always my favorite.  But, it also gives you the opportunity to hold a get together with all the people that you really wanted to see at the high school reunion you didn't go to.  Well, last night we had birthday celebrations for five of our friends from high school who were all turning or had just turned the big 4 OHHHHH.  Of course  I still have 3 years to go before I hit the mark, but I was always hanging with the more mature crowd.  Hmmm, typing that just seemed wrong, let me correct.   I always hung with the older crowd, there was nothing really mature about any of us.  And we proved once again, that somethings never change.  Even though you may grow older and change some of your ways, it's always nice to get around a bunch now successful "grown ups" that all have families, jobs and responsibilities and totally revert back to our junior high and high school days, when we would make bonfires in gravel pits and have parties under bridges or wherever we could find a place to meet.  Last night was just that.  Lots of dancing, laughing, hugging and reminiscing was done by all and it was wonderful.  So, thanks Facebook, for giving me such an awesome experience with all of those wonderful people last night.

I owe ya one!

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