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October 25, 2010

Poker, beer and buddies

     Saturday night was poker night at my very good friends, Troy and Jess' house.  At first I was, what I always am, very unmotivated to go.  I started the day lazing about with The Mister, catching up on Sons on Anarchy and watching the new Predators movie, which by the way, is a pretty good watch.  I then dragged my lazy ass off the comfy couch and took my car to get the oil changed, yes I could do, but I didn't want to.  My little way of stimulating the oil changing business.  Then I had to attend the birthday of the little monster that I babysit.  He doesn't officially turn 4 until tomorrow, but you know how it goes.  After the party, I came home and wanted to do nothing more than laze about some more and watch more movies with The Mister, but.....

     Other plans were in store for me.  By 8:30, I had managed to let my best friend, Jenny Beth, shhh don't tell her I caller her that, guilt me into throwing on a layer of face and driving into the great unknown, to join them all for a poker party, Texas Hold 'em style.  Not to toot my own horn, but usually I rock this game online, with fake money and people who don't know or can't see me, but I was in fact surrounded by people that have known me for years and the money was real.......and mine.  I finally made my grand appearance around ten o'clock and they still weren't done with the first, that started at eight o'clock.  Two tables, sixteen people to start with at eight, at ten, they were down to two tables ten people.  Needless to say, we weren't on a time schedule.

     When the game finally ended, at eleven-thirty, it was then that intermission began.  So, for the next hour, "party on on Garth".  Poker then resumes and proceeds to swallow my five dollar buy in, but the next three hours of my life.  By the time the game was finally over, people were falling asleep and throwing in the towel, but not the real hardcores, oh no, not us.  We, the hardcores, lasted through the passer outer, the gotta get up earliers and the ones that just plain disappeared without a trace, hopefully, they have all been found again.  We think that's when the party really started.  We were a motley kinda bunch, two wanna-be rockstars, the host, the engaged couple that will probably never lived together, not even after 20 years of marriage, the living ghost of bud light, the cougar, brother jen, and me.  Together we finished off the shots, watched the engaged lady wrestle the rockstar dwarf to the ground, played an intense game of pelt a person with the an empty cigarette pack until the pack flies behind the couch causing the engaged chick to dive behind it, get stuck, then have her friends help her by throwing the rest of her body behind the couch and covering it up with boxes and stuff.

The time had now reached five-ten a.m. and it was time for this, unmotivated to stay up past ten, girl home and into bed.  That lasted of course until eight a.m. when The Mister decided to come downstairs, where I was sleeping and turn on the surround sound and start world war 17 in the living room.

Well, that was my Saturday night.  How was yours?

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