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October 4, 2010

A Birthday.

     Today is a birthday day.  Today my son would have been 15.  A handsome boy he would have been too, much like his pa.  We lost him to SIDS, when he was just under three months.  I envision him being kind of a mama's boy, okay, who am I kidding, he would totally be a big mama's boy.  He would play football, of course, and maybe his older sister would be a cheerleader, just so she could cheer on her little brother.  The Mister would have someone to play video games with and would probably teach him how to change the oil in all of the cars and give them tune-ups, so we wouldn't have to do it anymore.  I wouldn't have to take out the garbage anymore.  There would be teenage girls coming to the house, I would be having panic attacks every time one did and immediately assume that none of them are good enough for my boy, much like I do for my girls and their boyfriends, but I would still give them a fair shot.  My girls would share a room and start fighting like typical sisters should fight.   My son would have been the constant guinea pig for his sister to try new make-up looks and hairstyles.  My older and I would have one more person in the house that was taller than us.  The  budgets would be tighter, grocery bills would be bigger, I would be running around twice as much, but, there would be one more person to love me and for me to love, there would be one more person to hug, care for and fill our house with joy.  Hug your children today, even if they make you mad, their love is something you can never replicate.

I'll post another blog later with a picture of my girls and their baby brother at the cemetery later.

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