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October 6, 2010

l love that man.

     Usually in his sleep, The Mister dreams of good times with the fellas, going to races, hanging out around the bonfires or playing his weekly poker with them.  While dreaming, he usually shares with the rest of us in the house, how good of a time he's having by hootin' and hollerin' and yes, sometimes even clapping, all while he's fast asleep.  But, last Friday he decided to have a dream that I left him, despite his begging and pleading with me not to.  Must of been a dream, because I've personally never seen him beg or plead, okay once, but it wasn't because I was leaving him.  Following the "I left him" dream,  he decided to dream that I cheated on him, not once, but twice, in one day, with two different men.  And, as I type, he is actively looking for both of those guys, so he can punch them.  He said he saw one of their faces, but only heard the other guy.  Hopefully, there isn't some poor unsuspecting guy out there that resembles my imaginary playmate, that runs into him. 

    My Mister, though very shy, has this aura about him that just makes him super charming and  lovable to the ladies.  You know, that "awe shucks, kicking the dirt with his hands behind his back, showing his gorgeous dimples".  I don't like being jealous, but it's who I am and I don't usually get carried away with it.  Usually.  He on the other hand, never shows jealousy, not even if he is, which I don't think he is very often, because lets face it, there's not a whole lot of guys out there waiting to come aboard this ship.  So, with that said, I don't think that I've adored my husband this much in years.  He's constantly wrapping his arms around me and kissing my cheek, something that usually I have to remind him to do and last night he even gave me a foot massage and told me, "if I have to give you foot massages every night, so you don't leave me, I will".   Let me just point out, I have absolutely no desire to ever walk out that door or even think of my life without my Mister, but I will gladly take the massages and the sweetness while the takings good. 

I am a girl after all.

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