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October 8, 2010


     Elmos's World playing on the TV.  Cats meowing at the window or door, waiting for me to open, then running off.  A pile of dirty dishes in the sink and counter, after 16 year, my family still doesn't understand the concept of "rinse and stack".  Thirteen loads of laundry to be done, okay so I exaggerate, okay maybe not.   Halloween decorations to finish assembling and placing.  Back porch to clean and get ready for the weather, covering up the swings.  Continue the dreadful saga of the basement restoration project, continue asking myself, "why the hell do we have all this stuff and why the hell do I want to go through it?".  Give The Mister, the childrens, the dogs and the cats constant love and attention and do my best to make all their dreams come true.  Do 100 pull-ups a day.  Sorry, I needed a laugh, I was getting overwhelmed.  Keep up with blog, even if no one ever reads it, it helps my ADD and lack of "staying with it" power, by making me do something regular beside chores.  Something for me.  Try to get some soap making time in.  Get some more scarves done, so my family doesn't freeze this winter, maybe make some extra to donate, along with some hats.  Buy extra blankets and jackets for those who can't buy their own.  Find a good charity organization to devote some time to with the childrens.

     Tons to do, tons that won't.  This is me remember, okay, it will get done, just not when I want it too.  What I can tell you, is that I just pulled the most delicious smelling cinnamon coffee cake out of the oven, my house smells heavenly and I want to wrap up in a blanket with a chunk of it, my cup of coffee and veg out for the rest of the morning.  Too bad, I have a giant list of things to do, before I can do any playing tonight and because my Casanova has officially taken over my blanket and refuses to give it back to me, so I guess I'll get busy with life.  It's a good one!

Until tomorrow...Try to live like this guy...

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