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April 3, 2013

I would love to be wordless on a Wednesday, but hey, this is me...

Wooooooooo, two posts in less than two weeks.  


It's the babiest of baby steps, but hey, getting back to your old self is a chore.  Instead of a long boring post of things I've been up too, I'm just going to flood today's post with beautiful pictures from my snowmobiling adventure I had with The Mr.  

That's right...I went sledding again.  And let me just tell you, even though it was only my second time going, and the last time was a total disaster, well not for me, but for the guy that went with us, I.WAS.AWESOME!!!!  Thanks to the years of early childhood three-wheeler riding, I was a pure natural at getting my sled up to 60 MPH, and getting her up on one ski.  That's right, I did it!  Made myself proud, made The Mr. proud, and showed everyone else how much of a Sissy-la-la I'm NOT!!!  

Now on to the pictures.

This was our Snow Pack.  We had a blast, and no injuries!!!

The Mr. and our sleds.  Mine's in the front, his is the flashy dayglo thing behind it. 

Don, checking the guest list at the cabin.

Little camp robber, eating some hot dog bun.

The Mr. in his 'douchebag' glasses, because only a douchebag wears white glasses.

Hopefully nobody runs out of gas, because it's a long walk.

With a lot of snow.

There were several giant snowballs, just hanging around all over.


This is The Mr.'s favorite picture of the day.  His three favorite things, me, his sleds and the snow.  I just might keep him for a few more minutes.

This is my favorite picture of the day.  

It just keeps going.

Hubba Hubba.

Right before the guy in the picture above, tackled me in the snow.
And that's where we'll leave it.

Until next time, stay cool!!!

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  1. You can do the sled thing in the snow, but the awesome beauty of the photos is what "floats my boat".


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