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May 10, 2012

The things I do for love.

As some of you know, The Mr. is a big snowmobile guy.  I don't get it.  I understand the need to go fast and ride on something with a motor, the snow???  I've been counting down the days that I can bust out my shorts and tank tops, and show off the fact that I've lost 40 lbs.  I want to NOT gain any of this weight back, because is so cold outside, that all I want to do is sit inside, watch movies and eat.......well, everything.  Besides the snow, cold and ice, three things I'm not fond of, you have the avalanches, crevices that you fall into and nobody sees you ever again, and trees.  Lots and lots of trees, that you can hit, at 50+ MPH.  It sounds ridiculous right?

Yeah, that's why I never go.  I'm perfectly content to sit here, weekend after weekend, in my nice warm house, doing things that won't get me killed.

Well, lets rewind a couple of weeks ago, when The Mr. went to Mt. Saint Helens to go snowmobiling, and well lets just say, he fell in love with it so much, that his enthusiasm has persuaded me to go.

Did you hear that sigh, it was a big one.

You see, The Mr. is getting to be a sneaky one, he's learning to appeal to my alter personalities, and it seems to be working in his favor.  You see, what he did was take some pictures of his adventure, and then, before I could talk myself out of it, the photographer in me said, "I want to go with you, I want pictures of that".  I tried to grab the words out of the air, unfortunately they had already reached his ears, and his fingers were now sending a text to his snowmobile buddy, setting up plans to go back to the mountain, this Saturday, with me in tow.

What the hell did I do?  I thought to myself.

So now, I will get getting up at 2am on Saturday morning to drive three and a half hours, to what could be my very death..............or a really good time, with lots of amazing pictures.  From Mt.  Saint Helens, you can see three, four other mountains, it's gorgeous, so I've heard.  But...............I will get my chance to see it soon.  Very very soon.  

I may have to double my Xanax, that way if I DO fall off, I'll be nice and relaxed and bounce well.  

Don't worry, I'll be back to fret tomorrow too.

Meanwhile, here's a couple of pictures from  The Mr.'s phone, that spoke to me.


I've just been informed that I will be riding MY OWN snowmobile...BY MYSELF.  My anxiety level just crowned.
I also just learned that, we are NOT going to Mt. Saint Helens, but to Greenwater, which while still beautiful, I've been too, a thousand times, so that's kind of a buzzkill.  Oh well, I'm still going to get some kick ass awesome pictures.

Now, back to The Mr.'s pictures.

Hopefully I'll live long enough to show you the ones I take.  

I kid.


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  1. do have a wimpy side....I'm so proud of you. I knew there was a part of me in there somewhere.....luv `n hugs and have a great time.


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