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November 29, 2011

The random that is me.

Seriously Shawn

Oh hello kiddies, hello???  Is anyone left out there?  I know, I know, I haven't been around much, dear Blogger, but you know what it's like, the holidays, the cold weather telling you to just stay under the covers, instead of write, people to visit and a fricken million different things to make.  You know the usual, winter bullshit.  It's been so long that I've been on Blogger, it took forever to load for me.  Punishment, I'm guessing.

Well if you're writing today, you can head on over to Miss Impulse and Shawn, both of these wonderful ladies made me feel better about my lack of blogging in their first paragraphs, by letting me know, I'm so not alone.  They're super rad like that.  They also host a no rules, just like I like it, blog hop today.  Go check it out, I double dog dare you.

Speaking of double dog daring, is anyone else out there, as anxious as me to watch 24 freakin hours of A Christmas Story?  Or see Elf 75 times before Christmas.  I own both of these movies, but for some stupid reason, it just doesn't seem like Christmas, without the commercials.  

Oh oh oh, and another exciting thing that's going on is, my older and her fiance' set a wedding date.  Next September 29th, not as far off in the future as I'd hoped, but I'm still really excited for her, and I'm loving helping her plan for it.  I'm so excited about it, that I'm getting ready to take on a HUGE project and try and make these for her, me and the Maid-of-Honor aka my younger.

These shouldn't be toooo hard to make, right?  Oh sweet baby jeesus, what did I get myself into.
And possibly a cake like this.

By the way, today's blog is brought to you by, Completely Random Crap Going On In My Life.  Invading peoples lives since 1973.

In two weeks, I, will be getting up on a stage, in a bar, and singing a song with a dear to my heart kid, that's turning 21.  He belongs to a long time high school friend, who just happens to be in a band, who just happens to be playing a gig the night of the birthday.  I asked the kid what he wanted for his birthday.  "For you to get up on stage and sing a song with me"  Hmmmmm....."Okay dollface, anything for you."  I ask him what we'll sing and he says this song.  I'm terrified.  I love this song and don't wanna butcher it.  Better take a couple shots and a Valium before singing.

I should say, that my Turkey day was good, although I got very mixed reactions when I wished people a "Happy, sorry we stole your land and killed your people, but here some land and a casino to make it all better, Day"  People either loved it or hated it, I didn't care.  To me Thanksgiving is just a day to make a feast.  You should be thankful EVERY day, for the things you have, not just some Thursday in November.  And I find it hard to celebrate the starting of what is a very tragic part of history for the Native Americans, who probably view us white people as the original illegals. 

Hmmmm, I should probably wrap this up.  I know, how bout a couple pictures to say farewell for now with.  Here's my little hummer, Theodore McTwitch.  Winter time is our time, because I make sure his nectar is always thawed out, and he lets me get super close for some amazing photos.

Not to toot my own horn, but, BEEP BEEP on this one. 
I want to love him and sqeeze him, and hug him and snuggle him, George.

He's really not scared of me anymore.  I really dig that.

Colorful little bugger, ain't he.
Now, go link up, fer Pete's sake.

Who is Pete, and why do we care about his sake?



  1. I love your entry, and if you are talented enough to do those shoes, you are one creative type! I will cheer you on from here! I hear you on the being thankful everyday..we kind of forget that sometimes!

  2. I totally know what you mean. I have Elf, and a bunch of other Christmas movies, in my collection, but there's nothing quite like catching them on the tube, with lots of holiday commercials.

    Those shoes are gorge, I bet you can do it! Awesome!

  3. My People love your people and come to our casinos anytime!! Geez, I wish our tribe would put more of that casino money into health care, education, and housing! Instead of building more casinos!

  4. I watched Elf and Christmas Vacation on Thanksgiving and i'm excited to watch Elf again.

    GREAT shoes!

  5. You gave us a great intro! Thank you, Lovie!

    I KNOW you can make those shoes! And yours will probably be better than that picture. And you can make that cake too? And you take perfect pictures like a freakin' professional? I may hate you a little bit. I have zero talent. I can leave a decent comment on a blog post but that's about it.

    Thanks for linking up with us!! I'm going slightly crazy in my neck of the woods right now so I'm sorry I'm just now commenting! December is here on THURSDAY?!?! Ahhhhh!


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