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November 16, 2011

I'm sorry I can't hear you, the music's too loud.

Wooooooooooooooooooooohooooooooooooooooooooo it's Wednesday.  One more week of work, before a four day weekend.  I'm so excited, that I just wanna sing it from the rooftops.

Speaking of singing.


The ladies of We Want to Know Wednesday, MamarazziCrazymama and this weeks question asker, Queso, are a pretty rockin' bunch for hosting such an awesome blog hop.  Go hook up, let's get to know each other, five questions at a time.  Go on...everybody's doin' it.

Speaking of music..........
Queso is on the top of my love list for these questions.  They are rad!

1. Do you have any musical talents?
I like to think so.  Played flute in elementary, junior and some of high school.  For as long as I can remember at least one person in my close family has had at least one organ, my Great Gramma Jane had two, an electric and a push pedal.  I loved the push pedal one.  My cousin Shells, who's much more musically talented, would play while I would push the pedals.  That way I felt like I was playing to.  And I can sing, well everyone can sing, but I think I do it pretty good, people tell me I've got nice pipes, and the dog doesn't howl when I sing, so hopefully that's a good sign.

2. What role, if any, does music have in your life?
HUGE ROLE!  Music has always been in my life.  It's like my boyfriend, and if we ever break up, I would surely shrivel up and die.  I'd rather go without the sun, than to not know what music is, I would take a bullet to my left knee cap, if music were ever in danger.  I listen to it, I play it, I whistle and hum it.  Wait...
I love all kinds of music, everything from ABBA to Zebra.  I may be slightly obsessive.

3. What is your all time favorite song?
Hardest.Question.Ever!  But, I think I've narrowed it down to 10 7 4 2.

This the first song I can remember obsessing over.  I was in love with it the very first time I heard it, and I still love it just as much.

And then there this one.  This has got to be my, most listened to in my life, song.  I love Pink Floyd.
David Gilmore is a guitar God!
Double Amen!

4. Do you sing in the shower?
In the shower, in the car, in the grocery store, restaurant, any where there's a song that I know I'll sing it.  If there's no music, I either whistle or hum.  It used to embarrass my family, now they just accept me for the portable jukebox that I am.

5. Has a song ever made you cry?
Hello, have we met?  I'm Miss Emotional.  I cry to songs.  A lot.  Comfortably Numb, played at an elevated decibel level, during the second guitar solo, which is the raddest EVER, hits the 'bawl like a baby' lobe of my brain, causing me to cry, every time.

Loooovved these questions!


  1. You started singing the day you were born and even played at being a vocal coach when at age 2 you tried to teach the 3 `n 4 yrs. old neighbor boys to sing Strawberry Fields Forever"...over `n over `n over with no success. Don't ever stop singing!

  2. I sing in the grocery store too! I'm glad I'm not the only one!

  3. My daughter is like that... she'll just belt out at the most odds times. She was 3 and we were in the grocery store and she just shouted out "Tootie Fruitie OOOOO Rootie!" Crack me up!
    But your title reminds me of something my daughter said once. My car has a neat little function of turning the volume up on the Radio, the faster I drive. So she said, "MOOOOOM!!!! Slow Down!!! The Radio's Too Loud!!!!!"

    You just sing away... and love every minute of it!

  4. LOVE YOUR ANSWERS! thank for linking up. i had to sing along with "the Rose" .

    and your use of rad, speaks to me. can we be best friends because,i feel we are kindred spirits for sure.

  5. following from Dandelion Wishes Wednesday hop.


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