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September 13, 2011

Buggin' out.

Oh yes, yes it is.  Photography is one of my favorite hobbies.  All my other hobbies come and go.  I crochet in the Fall and Winter.  I paint and play with glue in the Spring and Summer, and I do a bunch of other things in between, but I take pictures year round.  I'm by no means a learned photographer, I've never taken a photography class, but I've always appreciated a good picture, and I've always like being the one taking them.  I'm with my girl over at Rockin' Mama who believes in finding art and beauty in things that most people wouldn't.  Go check her pictures out, they're out-of-the-box amazing.  Here's a few of my recent favs.

Spider webs, although creepy, are extremely intricate and beautiful.
I could take pictures of clouds all day long.
Coolest caterpillar I've seen this year.
Okay, I know spiders are repulsive.  And even more so when they're feasting, but I just couldn't resist this picture.  Especially when I saw the blood.  It's survival in nature and it's somehow beautiful, but....this picture still gives me the eebies.
And of course my favorite racetrack.  It was a gorgeous day and it made for a nice picture.  Plus, it's not a bug.
I almost squished this guy with my hand.  I'm really glad I didn't for several reasons, number one being....GROSS!  But he sure is cool looking.
I don't know what this is, but he sure looks intimidating.

It would appear that lately I have an affection for insects.  I don't know why or how I can stand to get so close, but I do.  For the art of it I suppose, and probably because I try to find the beauty in everything.  Except mosquitoes.  Those little bastards can die.

Sorry if you are totally creeped out by all my little friends, but hey, we probably creep them out too.  I mean, if a giant were trying to take my picture, I'd probably run.

Hasta la byebye!

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