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August 29, 2011

Surviving the layoff. Day One.

Well, we thought we were out of the threat of layoffs, until my husbands company's next job got pushed back 4-6 weeks.  So now, The Mister is home for a few weeks, and our budget has been cut in half, until I can find a job, which is seeming to be impossible, but I'm still-a-tryin' to find one.

So no more glamorous meals of, rib eyes and sirloins, and we're taking a temporary hiatus from our Friday night date night's at the local pizza joint.  Back to cheap, delicious comfort foods.  Silver lining:  It'll give me a chance to post some yummy, inexpensive recipes, and some of our money saving tips.  Silver lining #2:  My Mister inadvertently motivates me.  When he's around I spend less time thinking and more time doing, and that means that I'll spend more of my time accomplishing things that I normally avoid.  Like listing things to my Etsy store, taking the 10 boxes of unwanted items down to the goodwill, get my ass off the couch and take the dog for a walk around the neighborhood and drop 20lbs.

This could be the best layoff ever, who really knows?  But I'll be sure to keep you posted.
Til' tomorrow kids,


  1. You have a great attitude. It will carry you through this lean financial time. Hoping that works shows up soon.

  2. i hope you find a job soon! head hunters are great for helping find jobs as well. i used one to get one of the best jobs i've ever had.

    good luck lady! xoxo


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