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August 2, 2011

Peckers lead to Hummers

Get your filthy minds outta the gutter.


Wait....I love pervs.

Nevermind...go ahead and crawl back into the gutter.

While your there, take a look at my pecker.  He's a little pecker, but he sure has heart.

This is Smalls.  He's the tiniest pecker I've seen around here.  I want to carry him around in my pocket.
 And of course, while I was out  playing around taking pictures of my pecker.  Along comes a hummer and decides to sip some syrup and give me a chance to get a picture of him in my favorite tree.  I love the way the colors range from green to red in the leaves.

Back off bitch, this is my feeding station.
Now, it's back to work, looking for work, which is a lot

Until tomorrow,
Rock on!

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  1. Bwhahahahahaha! I had to come and post on this. My head was soooo in the gutter! LOL! Cute!


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