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August 16, 2011

Flowers help depression.

So, I found out today that I did not get the job that I really wanted, and well, nowhere else either.  I knew and still know it's going to be tough for me since, well I've been a housebitch for the last five and half years, and no matter how I transfer those skills onto a resume, there are millions of recently unemployed, with a better job history than me applying for the same jobs as me.  

So I'll just keep on keepin' on, cuz life's a garden, dig it?!

Speaking of garden, here's some of my favorite shots of my flowers.  They help with the "being completely unhirable" depression that I'm wallowing in tonight, along with a few glasses of wine.  Is there a job for professional wine drinkers out there?  How about professional whiners that drink wine?

Naw, I'm not a whiner, I'm a whinner winner and that place can kiss my ass, I'm too good for them anyways.

My first pink rose of the season.  Isn't she lovely?!

I have no idea what this is, but I have a few of them.

Ummm, I though primroses were winter flowers.

These smell delicious.  What job rejection?

My favorite tree in the yard.
Well, I think I feel a little better, plus, my car went bye-bye today to get fixed so things have got to be looking up.

Till tomorrow,


  1. I love my flowers too!! Great shots of your babies!! I think it is so hard to go back to the paid workforce in good economic times, never mind when things are where they are now!! I find like you, if I put my mind to things I love I feel better which puts me in a better place so that when the real "dream job" comes up you will be extremely ready for it!!! Thanks for a great post! Take care!

  2. Love that attitude - keep on keepin' on because you ARE too good for that place anyways!! You'll find something, I know it...and your flowers are beautiful :)

  3. Sure love your high spirit! Wish you well n happy always! Things will happen when you least expected! You will get what you want soon!!

  4. I'd tell ya to keep your chin up, the right job will come along- but seeing as I am in the same boat and I'm ready to slap people who keep saying this to me...I'll just say- I'm sorry. I love your humor...Lord knows if we can't laugh about it...well...thank goodness we can.

    Your flowers are gorgeous! What a beautiful thing to be able to step out & have that to look at.

  5. I feel your pain! I'm looking for work too and it's a pain! You are constantly trying to sell yourself and you keep getting rejected (like a bad case of online dating.) Well I love your flower pictures! Those are amazing!! I'm not kidding! You have a real talent! I can imagine those flowers could be featured in a gardening magazine of some kind (although I know as much about that as I do cobbling shoes.)

    Keep up the hope! Lift your head high! (and cheers! *takes a sip of wine*)


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