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August 5, 2011

Drags and Cats


Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.  Sweet, sweet Friday.  How I love you.  Not only is it time for a little confessional, but we got big, BIG....Oh wait I'll save it for confession.  Hop on over to Mamarazzi's to fess up!!!

I confess...that this is our biggest weekend of the summer.  This is, nitro paradise, weekend.  This is, change your heartbeat and blow your eardrums, weekend.  That's right, I'm taking about NHRA weekend.  This is the weekend we start dreaming about as soon as the weather starts getting nice.  This is the day, that no matter what everyone's summer plans are, we come together on NHRA Sunday, at the track and breathe in the nitro, feel the rumble in our chest, and refuse to cover our ears, no matter how much they bleed, because we think we're "that badass".  It's our only, non-holiday activity, that we spend the whole day together, Me, The Mister, The Older and her bf, The Younger and her bf and the Father In Law.  It's our summer bliss and we weren't giving it up, no matter what the job situation.

The Dolls at the racetrack last year.  This was a sad time.  One of the drivers had just crashed and died.  We desperately hope all the drivers stay safe.

But this is why they do it.  The rumble, the smell, the speeeeed.  I feel like I should grunt, like Tim the Toolman or something.
I confess... that I almost shit my pants last night when I took a drink of my wine and felt something touch my lips.  I looked down to find a my glass.  I was mortified.  I loathe bees.  LOATHE them.  Bumblebees I'm okay with.  They're fuzzy and cute and they have never stung me.  Their hairless cousins on the other hand.  ICK!!!!  And don't even get me started on wasp's.  
I'm totally creeped out now.

Just looking at it, gives me goosebumps.  It lips.  Thankfully it was dead!
I confess...that we have a cat that is slowly adopting us.  He's a young male Siamese, that has decided he likes it at our house.  He came out of the woods one day and started meowing at me.  We made eye contact and my resistance was futile from that point on.  Fast forward two weeks, and I'm now looking to get him fixed and some shots....and I've been feeding him for a week.  In case your keeping count, this will be a fourth cat.  I am hoping though, that if I get him fixed and shot shotted get his shots, I can find a more appropriate home for him, that isn't mine.  Luckily he looks a lot like our Siamese, so The Mister hasn't questioned him yet.

Isn't he gorgeous?  Wouldn't you love to have him?  No really, wouldn't you?

I confess...I'm glad we made it though another week without a lay-off and at least most of next week is safe. More time for job hunting.

I confess...I need to get my ass of here and do just that.

Until next time kids!


  1. Creepy! I hate bees! Good luck with the job search.

  2. Yeah that was creepy about the bee. Gonna be checkign my drinks all day.

  3. Eww, I hate just about all things with more than four legs. The stinging kind are the worst.
    That cat is gorgeous!

  4. So glad the bee was dead! OUCH! I got stung by a wasp for the first time this year and MAN did it hurt. Such a beautiful cat, I can understand why you gave in. Good luck finding him a good home.
    And have fun at your NHRA!

  5. bees are the WORST!! i totally would have flipped out and flung my drink across the room.

    thanks for linking up doll!

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  7. ugh, that would be extremely frustrating to find any type of bug in my wine glass. no one should ever be touching my glass unless it is to get a refill.


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