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July 28, 2011

People, stop freaking out.

I have read a few blogs/articles/statuses about the whole "child free" events, restaurants, stores, even housing complexes that are going "kid free".  Meaning that they either have kid free hours or they just don't allow the little ankle bracelets.  Of the things I've read about it, I find that it's being chastised by many, many people.  


Are there not allowed to be people that want to go someplace other than a bar to get away from the "family friendly" setting.  Everywhere I go, I'm expected to be PC and polite and sweet to people, even when they piss me off.  I'm not saying I actually act this way, but it's what's expected.

What about the people who have kids that want to get away from them for a night and go somewhere nice, where there's not a bunch of drunks or loud music.  Is it too much to ask for a nice quiet place that kids aren't allowed to go that's not a bar or have a stripper pole?

I have kids, two of em', 21 and 17 and I'm the oldest of a bunch of kids.  I know what they're like, and I can  remember not wanting to be around them sometimes.  Any of them.  I can remember leaving a place early so that my unhappy kids wouldn't ruin someone else' meal.  I can also remember times of going on a date with The Mister to the movies, and having someone else' kid scream through whole thing.  Then walked away thinking, "that kid owes me $9.50 for the movie didn't get to see".  But my only options of escape, were a bar, a club or some other place just as annoying as being around a bunch of screaming kids, including, but not limited to, my own.  

I would have killed to have a grocery store that I could go to, that didn't have a newborn baby, that was starving for mama's boob, but she's too busy chasing her unruly 2 year old around, and buying $300 dollars worth of food to feed the baby.  Meanwhile, she tries to pacify baby by repeating, shhh shh shh, it's okay baby, shhh shhh shhh it's okay baby, shhh shhh shhh....for 25 minutes.

I would have loved a coffee shop to run to that didn't have a bunch of squealing little girls in the corner.   Sure they're having fun and getting along, but they're still loud and maybe I wanna sit and read a newspaper in peace while listening to smooth jazz, coffee radio.  

And why is that horrible of me to want it?

Look, I'm not saying that kids are horrible and that we should ban them from everything, I think kids are great.  I know I adore mine, and several others that aren't mine.  What I'm saying is;  People, stop freaking out just because not everyone wants to be in places with kids all the time.  Some people don't even like kids, even if it's just for the simple fact, that they are a kid.   Some people choose not to have kids because they don't find them as fun and enjoyable as others do.  

And you know what???  It's okay, it's called individual living.

So I say Hurrah to those business owners that are "banning" kids.  I know that I'll be on the lookout for a few non-bar, kid un-friendly places to hang out when I want to get away from the rapidly growing population of young humans.

Now I'm off to enjoy the sun, with the kid.


  1. I TOTALLY agree. Just because YOU want to bring your children to a restaurant doesn't mean the whole WORLD wants to hear your children cry and scream. not EVERYONE thinks it's adorable.
    I'd like to know what happened to: "It's their business, it's their right to choose their patrons". If they choose to NOT have kiddies in there, that's their choice. respect it.

    you made some awesome points in this :)

  2. I totally agree too. In life I have the unique prespective of being an auntie,who spends a lot of time with my nephews,my niece and I have another one on the way in January,but I'm also a childless person and I am extremely lucky. My nephews are very well behaved children but I still value my time when I don't have to listen to someone else's child screaming! Besides,aren't enough businesses geered towards children? They have whole menus at certain places and honestly,when I go to to a coffee shop,sit down,order my breakfast,or whatever,I don't really want to have some toddler screaming over it.


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