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July 1, 2011

Friday Confessional


Hola and welcome to another Fabulous Friday Confessional.  Don't forget to follow the lovely lady above me to link up your confessions.  Betcha you'll be glad you did.

I confess...That it makes me super happy that The Mister came with me last  night to meet one of my new close friends, KT.  Well her friendship isn't new, but the closeness that we have is fairly new.  We've always been acquaintances, joking and having fun when we see each other at the bar or at a mutual friends house.  Funny thing is, she lives and has lived, four houses down from me.  Now we spend at least three days a week with each other and each others kids.  And last night, The Mister went down to her house with me and used her dock, while I chatted away with her.  AAaand he said he'd even be willing to back over there, and not just because she has a boat to pull him around in, but because he thinks she's a pretty cool chick. 

I confess...that I'm a horrible gardener.  I can keep up with small gardens and lots of potted flowers around, but I confess that anything really bigger than that is just to much for me to take care of.  It sucks, because I love flowers, but the morning glory, bedstraw and other various weeds are just taking up more time thank I have to offer.  I swear the, morning glory grows three miles a day.  It's ridiculous and when I've ignored the garden for a couple days, it's wrapped itself around my flowers so good that when I pull it off, I end up ripping the flower out of the ground, then I get pissed and well, the whole idea of "gardening for relaxation" gets tossed in the crapper.  Roses are more my style, they're easy to grow and maintain, for me anyways.

This rose bush is taller than me.  It went through a three foot growth spurt in the last two months.

I love rosebuds.

I had to the hold my camera above my head to get a good shot of this one.

I confess...that I don't like that it's only 64* in my house right now.  Come on day, warm up please.  I can't believe The Mister thought that it was even close to warm enough to swim last night.

I confess...that I'm not looking forward to being the host of this years annual Fourth of July shindig we've thrown for the past five years.  No particular reason I guess, just not "feelin' it" this year.

I do confess however...that I'm very excited to cook for it.

I confess...that I want to be a caterer.  It's always been in the back of my head as an idea of what I want to do with my life, but lately, the urge is getting greater.  I love to cook and create and I always cook like I'm hoarding a small army in my house, so I'm good with cooking in quantity.  I don't wanna be huge or anything, but a small time, neighborhood caterer would be cool.  Okay, being huge wouldn't be too bad either I suppose.

I confess...that I'm gonna have a kick ass, awesome weekend.

Rock on!!


  1. Hopped over from Mamarazzi! Go for your dream. A caterer? I wait tables and that is not for me! You can do it!

  2. Beautiful roses!

    I'm not in the mood for the 4th either. I wish I could just sit and watch movies all weekend.


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