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June 6, 2011

Phone Photo Phavorites

Yeah, I spelled it wrong, it just seemed the right thing to do.

Over the weekend, one of the many things that I did was upload the 500 something pictures, off my phone.  Am I a picture hoarder?  Is there such thing as a picture hoarder?  If there is, I'm sure I'm one.  Here's a few of my favorites.

I'm totally in love with my nephew in this picture and it's not because it's right before he passes out.

Feeling the love from LeeLea.

One of the back roads by our house.  And the younger's dream house.

New Orleans, nuff said.

Mardi Gras Me.

In the mountain passes.

What a cutie pie.

The younger drew this.  Couldn't be more proud of the kid.

My sweet, sweet cat.

This was a breathtaking sunset.

That's my boy.


Fun with the kid.
It's ridiculous how many pictures I had to delete, because they were just nonsense pictures or pictures taken inside my pocket.  Nice thing is, I now have tons of freed memory to take more pictures.

Happy Monday Peeps!!


  1. Great photos and is that your son that is a Real Cutie ~ thanks for sharing ^_^

  2. No, that precious little thing is my nephew. My boy, sadly was taken almost 16 years ago, but as you can see from the rainbow above, I see him often. :)


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