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June 27, 2011

Editing fun.

I love taking pictures, almost as much as I love editing them.  I mean I love editing pictures, almost as must as I love taking pictures.  Okay, I guess I have a passion for both.  As much as I love the rawness of an unedited photo, I'm seriously becoming infatuated with editing and distorting those same pictures.  Here's a few of my most recent edits with their originals.

Here's the original, with a high aperture setting.  I liked it, but thought it could use a little more.

And this is what I did.  I like the faded background, it makes me feel warm.

This one was highly contrasted so I wanted to accent on that.

So I just boosted the contrast a bit and put a vignetting on it.

I like the contrast of the green background with the red leaves, but it was a lot to look at.

I cropped it down, saturated the color a bit and added a soft texture.
It's supposed to be another hot and sunny day here in WA, so I'm hoping to get to the lake and get some shots of the eagles.    They always make me happy.  Don't be afraid to go wild with editing, it can make a great picture, even more outstanding than before.  Just remember to always keep an original so you have a back up.

Rock your Monday!

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  1. Hi :) I'm glad that I came and visit your blog. Love making photos and edit them as well .. and now with the Digital things it's way to easy. and what a great surprise you are from WA too :) Have a great day and get some new shots:)


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