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June 20, 2011

The best salad you'll never lose a pound eating.

Our local pizza joint has the most delicious, won't lose a pound, everything but the kitchen sink, eat a salad as a meal, salad.  It's delicious and I hope you try it soon, especially with the hot weather starting to kick in, in a lot of places.

Here is a list of ingredients.  I won't give you measurements, simply because I don't have any, but it's a salad, no measurements are really needed.  It all just matters on how much of what ingredient you want in your salad.

* Lettuce or Salad mix.  I prefer the salad mix, because I'm much to lazy to cut up the lettuce and shred carrots and cabbage.
*Cooked and crumbled peppered bacon. I use a ton of this.  Why?  Because it's bacon.
* Sliced Pepperoni, cut into quarters, or halves, it's your salad after all.
* Chunks of cooked, skinless chicken breasts. For 2 adults and one kid I use 2-3 breasts, depending on how chickeny I want it.
*Diced tomatoes or cherry tomatoes cut in half.
*Purple/Red onion.  You can use a white or yellow, but the purple onion's flavor is spot on for this salad.
*Shredded mozzarella cheese.  I use a full package, because I love cheese and I'm too lazy to shred it myself.
*Ranch and blue cheese dressing.  Enough to coat your salad to your liking.  I like to use a half and half mixture, personally, but sometimes I use just ranch.  I'm a rebel like that.

Mix this all together and serve to your family, watch them devour it, then make it once a week to keep them happy.

I like to serve with a toasted garlic, butter sourdough roll.
Cut rolls in half, butter them, sprinkle some garlic butter on em' and toast em' pan.  Delish!!!

Come and get it.

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  1. Now I am totally craving a salad like that!!! Oh how I love a Ruby Tuesdays Salad's the rye/pumpernickel croutons...yummo! This looks equally delish!!


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