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May 18, 2011

I just can't shut my mouth Wednesday.

Since I've decided I totally suck at Wordless Wednesday, I'm just going to post a picture of the place I decided will home most of my new flower starts that were given to me the other day.

Yeah, the space is big enough.  But there's a lot of weeds and rocks to remove before they can go in.  And there is my poor, poor little vampire.  70* outside and she has to be in long sleeves and a hat to avoid sunburn, which we have found happens in about 5 minutes.

Did I mention the thing about all the rocks.  It should only take a forever, give or take a week or two.  And I'm really hoping I don't do all of this and kill all those flowers when I get them in the ground, because that would radically suck!
So, now, my number one mission in life, is getting that cleared out.  It just might kill me, or at least make my cry a few times, or pound my fists on the ground while using profane language.  Should be tons of fun.

Rock on and I hope the sun is shining by you,


  1. You've got your work cut out for you with the flowered Marisa, but think of how pretty it will look when you have it done and the flowers are blooming!

    Enjoy your Wednesday!

  2. I think that looks like a great place for flowers. I'm a huge fan of perennials because I'm lazy and like anything I can plant once that will come back again and again.

    Good luck with all the rocks. UGH.

  3. Thanks Annie, I hope I can get it done before our nice weather leaves again. And Suni, those rocks are trying to kill me again! Yesterday one of them jumped under my foot and tried to trip me!


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