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May 16, 2011

Feed the birds. And more birds and even more birds.

Along with my many pictures of gorgeous little hummingbirds, I do also get some nice shots of some other little wingers.  Here's some of my more recent shots.

One of my girl chickade-de-deees

I love these little guys.

This is Knock-Knock.  He's pretty cool.

Stop staring at me.

Okay, it's not a bird, but it is the first bunny I've seen in the yard and I got excited.

These guys are new.  I don't know what they are yet, but they are friendly.

I love this one.  He's new this year too.  He's a Western Tanager and his name is Mr. Beauregard.

A pretty bird, that I don't have to feed.  My new ring.
Hope ya have and easy Monday!
Until tomorrow,


  1. I love all of your bird photos. And the rabbit and ring :)

  2. I am so jealous! You got so many beautiful birds where you live! Wild rabbits too?? Humph!
    Hahaha! Love those pictures!
    It is wonderful to know you are enjoying life.


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