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April 18, 2011

Going off carbs. Mostly. Week one.

This week, I will only allow myself thirty carbs a day.  To some that may seem like a lot, but for me, it's a drastic cut.  I'm a carboholic, if it has a high number of carbs, I probably love it.  In my attempt to shed a few pounds, I'm going on a 6-1 eating schedule.  Six days, I cut my carbs, on the seventh, I can splurge.  A little.  I'm not gonna go carb crazy, but I'm not going to deny all, either.  It's a way of trying to teach myself some self control.  Not a real strong suit of mine, which some of you already know.

Hopefully, I don't get too bitchy, I already feel a little bitchy lately, more than usual.  Not sure why, but I don't like it and it should vacate my being soon.  Meanwhile, to keep myself busy, I've been taking advantage of the sunny weather and planting the rest of my bulbs.  And occasionally getting a picture of my little bird friends.  I've gotten a few more hummingbirds that have been frequenting my feeders.  I'm up to seven feeders now, I think I need an intervention, since I'm thinking of getting more.  But, watching my little feathered friends is a real joy and I recommend that everyone feed the birds.  It's very cheap, tranquil entertainment.  Plus it gets my outside, and keeps my hands busy, so I don't wanna eat out of boredom.  Big, BIG problem with me.

My newest male Rufus.  I haven't decided on a name yet.  I'm leaning towards Rudy, but I'm not sure yet.
This little Chickadadeedeedee, thinks he's a hummer.  I'll let him think it.
This is my girl Anna's Hummer.  She's a newbie to the feeder and I haven't got a name for her yet either.  Scarlet perhaps.
Wish me luck on my first day on low-carbs, I'm gonna need it. 


  1. I did the same diet and stayed on it longer than I normally would. After the first couple of weeks it gets easier. I really like the fact that I don't have cravings or rises and drops in blood sugar. It is a great way to loose a weight fast, but really hard to actually make it a lifestyle change. I am undecided on how healthy it is also.
    Would love to hear more on how it is going for you.

  2. I'll keep y'all updated. I can say that day one went well. No cheats, but I was hungry, but I'm not giving in. My body can survive. They should come up with a "stranded on a deserted island" diet. Nothing but bugs and berries.


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