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April 4, 2011


I have new picture models.  They're small, they're sweet and if I ever decide I don't like them, well, I can eat em'

Carrot cupcakes.  These are delicious.  Absolutely delicious.

They're cupcakes and they are quickly becoming my new favorite thing to photograph.

I love the different textures, so fun to shoot.  Not to mention, yummy to eat.
You see, my younger is teaching herself to be the "Worlds Greatest Baker" and has started on a journey of making 1-2 batches of cupcakes a week, blogging about it along the way.   That means that I have 1-2 dozen cupcakes, in my house, every week, all different kinds.  Holy help me.  What am I gonna do?  Send them to work with The Mister, that's what I'll do.  Not only do I get the sweet, evil little "thigh extenders" out of the house, but she can get some unbiased feedback on her progress.  It's a win-win.

Vanilla cupcakes with orange cream frosting.  MMMmmm.
And it's given me something new to photograph.  I can't wait to put all of the pictures together when she's finished to make her, her very own cookbook.

Bright colors, chocolate and frosting, how can you go wrong?!

So if you looking for some simple and delicious cupcake recipes, be sure to check out the youngers blog.  Not that I'm biased or anything, but she's a pretty smart cookie, er cupcake.

Happy Monday all, I'm gonna go eat a cupcake now.

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