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March 10, 2011

No more chocolate? That's crazy talk!

That's right, yesterday I decided that, since I participated in the joys of Mardi Gras, which is of course, Fat Tuesday, that I would also participate in Lent, Ash Wednesday.  Well, sort of.  You see, I'm not a religious person.  Spiritual, yes.  Religious, no.  To be honest, the closest I got to an ashen cross on my forehead yesterday, was cleaning the ashes out of my pellet stove. 

I tried my hand at many religions for the first half of my life and still study many of them, just so I can be sure to myself that I was a thorough decision-maker.  I'm a Libra, it's what I do.  That's about as far into those types of beliefs that I'll get into with y'all.  I'm not looking to stir up no fethahs.  Sorry, NOLA flashback.

Anyways, back to my tragic decision to give up chocolate.  While I may not follow all other rules, I do think that making yourself give up something that you treasure, for a measly forty-six days is a meager task with a meaningful message.  So with this is mind, I gave up chocolate.  Until Easter.  I made need treatment.

I'd like to mention too, that my younger is set to start a cupcake blog next Monday, where she will make every recipe from her newly bought book, "500 Cupcakes".  This is going to kill me, I think.  Luckily for me, the first two recipes are, a muffin *an ugly cupcake, and I think a vanilla one.  "Who will test them to make sure that you didn't poison them?"  I asked her this morning.  "Not you"  she replied, in a snarky tone.  Two more days off chocolate and those will be fightin' words. 

So stay tuned to share in my torturous journey of choco-detox, it should be interesting.

I promise I will have some pictures up from my Louisiana Adventure up by Monday, I'm still going through and editing all of my pictures.  I took a lot.

Until we meet again,

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