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March 1, 2011

Did I ever tell you?

About our middle cat?

Ole Blue Eyes, herself.
Her name is Leelea

When she gets that look in her eyes.  Watch out!
To be more specific.  Her name is LeeLea Spastic the Fantastic.  Okay, so maybe I'm the only one that calls her that, but if you knew her, you'd understand why.

My hands have felt the wrath of those teeth a time or ten.

She's not only our middle sized cat, ,but her age is between the other two.  She's a frisky three year old.

She's a Lynx Point Siamese that we adopted from a friend, who couldn't keep her.
I have over about five hundred pictures of this cat and only about twenty of them are good quality.  It's that hard to get a still shot of her.  She is the poster kitty, for the word "sketchy".  She also has a love/hate relationship with our other two cats.  She pretends to hate them if your paying attention, she is the Queen of course, but when she thinks your not looking, she's actually kind of sweet to the peasants.  Of course I have no pictures of that behavior.

The Queen, looking down at us commoners.
Fun fact:  She's our softest cat.  All of our cats are soft, but this girl is soft, like rabbit fur soft.

Softest cat ever!
She will be the sweetest, cuddliest kitty, when she wants to.  But it's usually when your laying in bed and she crawls up onto your chest and scream, "pet me, you know you want to.  Loooove me, I'm very soft".

She's number one in stare down contests.
She is by far our most active cat.  She will play with a smooshed up piece of foil on the kitchen floor for hours, then runs from the basement, to the farthest set bedroom, on the top floor.  She's prissy, spoiled and a total snob, but our lives just wouldn't be the same without her.

Even if you don't see her, remember, she's always watching you.

She's our LeeLea and she rules us.

Have a splendid day!

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