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February 11, 2011


I'd like to formally introduce you to, Casanova
He loves his catnip.
And he loves to sleep.
Occasionally he takes a break from napping to climb a tree.
Or play in the snow with  his big brother.
Sometimes he just sits in the window and birdwatches.
He loves his new little sister.
He makes it nearly impossible to get any crocheting done.
But, mostly he likes to sleep.
And nap.
And just look cute on a regular basis.
And that's my Casanova, The greatest lover of all kitties and one of my best fur babies.


  1. Ooh Marisa, I love Casanova, what a beautiful colour he is. Picture number 8 is gorgeous, you caught the light beautifully, when you where taking the picture.

    I am looking to get a cat and have been for sometime, I know it sounds vain, but I have not found the right colour cat, that is it - a ginger cat.

    Oh...I followed you over from Blogfrog

    Blessings, Carole

  2. Awww..Thanks Carole, I love this cat. He is by far our most cuddly cat, and we have three of em. It's tough to find a bright orange cat, a lot that I've seen are more pale in color. Good Luck and thanks for reading!



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