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January 16, 2011

Since the weather's being a bitch.

I'm going to reminisce on warmer days.  Days when the weather is warm, the lake is cool and I find time to jump in for a swim.

This is Deimos.  He is an awesome swimmer.  He can't wait  until summer either.

It's only January, and we still have, at the very least, 5 more months of rain.  Did I mention that we've already had 4 months of rain, thus far?  That's right, it rains about 9 months a year around these parts.  I'm lucky enough to live in a convergence zone, so even when it's not raining in Seattle, you can bet, it's raining at my house.  I live about an hour east, of the west side, of the base of Mt. Rainier.  Just in case you cared.

We live on a little man-made lake, called Lake Tapps.  Now, our house isn't directly on the lake, but I could, if I had the proper throwing skills, probably hit water with a rock, from my front yard.  We do however have to parks in our neighborhood that gives us all the lake access we could ask for.

Jagger doing his best Killroy impersonation.

The best and worst thing about the lake is, the local water alliance that owns it, drain it every year.  Usually from the weekend after Labor day, until a couple weeks before Memorial Day.  It doesn't make for the greatest of views, well, depending on your perspective.

This is what our lake looks like in January.
But, it makes for some beautiful water in the summer.

The younger and Jagger enjoying summertime fun.

The gang.  Checking out something.  I don't know what, but something.
Well if I wasn't sad about the weather before, I started this post, I'm certainly depressed about it now.  I'm going to go cry in a dark corner somewhere now, until June.

Goodbye blue sky, goodbye.........

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