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January 4, 2011

Daily hummer....

Okay, first off let me start by staying.  Get your minds outta the gutter, you little pervs.

Over the last month and a half or so, I've developed a sort of "kinship" with a little Anna's Hummingbird, which is the only breed of hummer, that doesn't migrate south for the cold months of winter.  There are 3 that I have seen, but only 1 of them is my buddy.
It all started with the first snow of the season.  I had never really seen the hummingbirds, but noticed that the syrup feeders were in fact, going down more than normal, so lazily I refilled them.  Then after our snow and freezing temps, I notice this lil' guy trying with all his might to get some frozen syrup outta the feeder.  Poor lil' guy, I said, "here, let me help you with that".  So, off I took the feeder to replenish it, with fresh, new syrup.  He  was so excited for new syrup, that I couldn't even get the feeder back into the tree, before he was zinging at me, downing it, like it was his last meal.  Unfortunately, I didn't have any type of camera with me that day to grab any shots of him.

By the next frozen morning, I'd developed a plan. I would go and get his feeder, thaw it out, then return it, armed with my camera.  Yay, my plan worked.  He again, was so grateful for having thawed out syrup, that he just looked at me and said, "thank you, dear friend, take my picture please".  Okay, maybe I made that last part up, but he did look at me.  See. ^

So, by now I have given him the name, Sir Theodore McTwitch, but we call him Theo for short.  I can walk outside and hear him singing to me from various trees on the compound.  I  am totally in love with this lil' guy.

I not only take his picture almost every day.  I refill his feeders at the very least, every other day.  But, oh my, look at the reward.

I'm not prejudice.  I feed all birds, but none of them have been as cooperative as my lil' Theo.

Keeping this one off the prowl is a tough job.  But I do my best.  She's not as tough as she looks and her counterparts are kinda lazy.

So, the job isn't as hard as it might seem.

So I'll just keep taking pictures of this little guy, until he pecks the lens outta my camera, like a seen from "The Birds".

Have a fantastic day and watch a, now....I didn't say flip one!!

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