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December 27, 2010

Yay, The food is gone!

As much as I love Christmas, let me just tell you, I'm glad it's over and the food is gone.  No more overspending and overeating.  Can I get a "hallelujah".

I do love the fact that I got to see family, but I make it a point to see family throughout the year and not just at Christmastime.  We're not a religious family, so the holiday holds no Jesus praising or church going for us and we're okay with that.  I don't normally volunteer that so easily to people though, they sometimes look at me like I have the plague. Nope, Christmas to us is a time of indulgence.  We splurge on our kids, The Mister leaves the house to see his family, I visit everyone in a week instead of spreading it out a bit.  My daughters spoil me a bit more than usual.  They stay home a little more for a couple weeks, that's the best present I get!    We lounge around watching holiday movies, singing Christmas karaoke and making sinfully delicious goodies, then, I gain that holiday five.  Let me just say again, I'm so glad the food is gone!  We were hoping for some snow, but got rain, but that's to be expected, we do live in Washington, which I'm convinced is called Washington, not after our president, but the rain is "washing us tons"  maybe it's just me, but it fricken rains a.lot here.

I hope you all had a great holiday and that you all got what you wanted, but most of all that you used the opportunity to give a little extra to those who need it most.  I know this post makes me sound cold and unchristmasy, but it's really just the opposite, I love the extra time I get with my family, it's very important, I love the feeling that is pouring out of those who truly love the season.

I love Christmas, but I'm glad the food is gone!

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