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November 22, 2010

Snow day!

    Today it snowed, even more than it did yesterday.  Oh yeah.  It snowed yesterday.  My poor younger has been sick all morning and all day...and all night.  So, the only one that would play in the snow with me is my beloved Deimos.  Enjoy my little photographical journey.

I know photographical isn't a word, but it is to me and that's all that counts.  Who are you, the grammar police?

Here's the start of our snow.

Falling falling flakes.  Notice the no snow on the BBQ and sprayer.

Now were getting somewhere.
Deimos the snow dog.  He loves the snow.  If I could get him to pull a sled, life would be AWEsome.

Did I mention he loves the snow?

Haha.  Snow dog.

A little more snow today.  Had to deice all the vehicles to get in.

And here's were we stand right now.

Hopefully we won't be buried alive in snow tomorrow.

Until then,

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