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September 8, 2010

Motivation and Focus!

Probably the bottom 2 things on my list of  `successful qualities`.   My wonderful husband said I should start journaling things to help motivate me to be more focused on finishing something other than projects around the house, like the downstairs repainting.  Let's just say that it's really good thing that the color I picked is very similar to the one it's currently painted.  "Only one problem there genius", I smartly reply, "if motivation and focus are my main problems,  how is requiring MORE of them going to help"?   He basically shrugged his shoulders and said "I don't know, I'm just blurting things out to pretend to be helpful", gotta admire his honesty right?!  Now, since I listen to everything that husband says, thoroughly examine the pros and cons of his ideas....Wow, my fingers won't stop laughing long enough to finish that line of crap.  Anyway, this is my attempt at doing something everyday, for myself, that will hopefully help me practice motivation and focus.

Generally speaking, I would get about this far into something, enjoy it, but for some bizarre reason quit doing it, but since I have about two and a half totally unproductive hours in the morning between Husbands grand exit to work, and the grand arrival of the animalboy I babysit.  Don't worry, you'll get totally sick of hearing about him and seeing his ugly mug on future posts.  I will also bore you with random happenings with my witty, but terribly funny husband and two darling daughters, who at the ages of 16 and 20 seem to keep me busier now then they did as toddlers.  Pictures and posts of our beloved mutt, part-time mutt and three vicious, mouse hunting, fly catching cat's ranging from small to `holy crap that's bigger than my dog` will litter this blog like nobody's business.  My daughter's will object to every picture of them I put on here, but that won't stop me from uploading their most embarrassing and utterly awful ones that I can find.  Haha...try and stop me kids! 

We don't live a grand life, husband is a Journeyman super plumber, who is part of our Local #32.  When it comes to work ethic, he's at the top of my list.  I am a stay at home slave, who is tortured daily with piles of laundry, dirty dishes, dirty floors and toilets, and worst of all, enough pet hair to start my own yarn store .  I also, when we find the time, make soap  from scratch.  We have been out of practice for a bit while my partner in grime was busy carrying, birthing and caring for her newest animalboy, but operations should start back up again soon.  I hope.  That will mean pictures and recipes for all kinds of fabulous soaps and wonderful bath ideas..

It appears that my time is up for today, but I vow to be back here tomorrow morning with another installment of "Nobody really cares about your boring-ass life"...

Enjoy your day as much as this guy!

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