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June 27, 2012

What's for dinner???

Growing up, my favorite dinners, were the ones that were cooked in one pan, and no, I'm ain't talking about no Hamburger Helper here.  I'm talking about the wonderful meals that your mom or grandma would make, by using a slew of ingredients from the fridge and pantry to make the most delicious comfort food concoctions.  

We call it comfort food, because it brings us a sense of warmth and the ability to relax, and get comfy.  Not to mention, after you stuff yourself full, all you want to do is crawl into your bed and call it a day.

Well, coincidentally, those are also the easiest meals to make and I'm going to share one of my favorite one pan, two if you like it over rice like me, meals.

Creamy Pork and Peppers.

Here's what you'll need.
1 lb pork tenderloin.  (Cut into bite size pieces.)  Or more, depending on how many savages are feasting.
1 Lg. Yellow Pepper (bite size or strips, whatever)
1 Lg.  Orange Pepper
1 Lg.  Green Pepper
3 cloves of garlic (minced)
1 Half pint of heavy whipping cream, more if you want it saucier.
Greek dressing of your favorite brand, because I haven't perfected that dressing yet, so I don't have my own recipe for it yet.
1/2 stick of salted butter.  Hey, I never said this was a healthy recipe.  
Bunch of chopped chives.
7-8 leaves of coarsely chopped lemon balm, substitute with a little lemongrass if you have to, but you don't really want a lot of lemon flavor, unless you want a lot of lemon flavor, in which case, add all the lemon flavor you want.
Handful of coarsely chopped Italian Parsley.
Olive oil, to cook your pork in.
Salt and FRESH GROUND pepper to taste.

I know that seems like a lot, but it really isn't, I promise.

In one giant skillet, add your minced garlic to your olive oil,      saute until you can really smell that garlic.  Add in your pork and cook until its done.  

This smells amazing.

Now add in your peppers, chives, parsley and lemon balm.

Remember not to over cook your pepper.  No one likes a soggy pepper.

Now, add your butter, salt, pepper, whipping cream and dressing, and let it come to simmer, then take it off the heat, so your peppers don't get soggy.

As you can plainly see, I like mine saucy.  It's because I'm saucy.

 Now, dish it up, I like mine over brown rice, you know, to health it up a bit.


Now sit back and let your family shower you with compliments.

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