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August 12, 2011

Falling squirrels make me chuckle

Good morning...Good FRIDAY morning.  That's right I said Friday, the day to confess your sins, or juicy gossip, or well, anything that floats your boat glitter.  Then when your done confession, hop on over to Mamarazzi's page and link up.  While your there, check out some of the blogs from all the other wonderful people there.


Today I confess:

*That I'm counting down the minutes until I can call about my future (fingers crossed) job.

*That I just ate lasagna for breakfast.  What?  It has meat, dairy, veggies, and I used whole grain noodles.  It's totally a healthy breakfast.

*If I hear the Tropicana "Good Morning" commercial one more time today, I may snap.

*Two out of the three cars we own, are broken.

*I'm wearing my shirt inside out and I care very little about it.  In fact, I may just wear it like this all day long.  I know, what a rebel!

*I watched the Republican Presidential Debate last night and screamed at the television, more than one three seven times.

*I'm a terrible waiter.  Not like restaurant waiter, I'm awesome at that, well not being a waiter, but being a waitress.  No, I mean, I.Hate.Waiting.

*I totally LOLed when the little squirrel outside fell off the bird feeder.  It almost made me fall off my ball.

*I use an exercise ball as a desk chair.

*I have not gained any balance or new stomach muscles with it, but it's cushier than a chair, and I can bounce.

*I like bouncing

*I'm exhausted from revealing so much.



  1. Lasagna for breakfast! I love it =)

    A ball for a chair. Awesome! I would love to sit & bounce.

  2. 1 of our 2 cars is broken and lasagna for any meal is yummy!

  3. The nurse at my dr's office sits on a ball. I don't know how she does it all day long but she swears it's comfy!


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